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IVR Scripting help

Dear All,

I have configured the IP IVR 4.5 with default Script (aa.aef) & working fine. But I want to edit or make a new script as following requirement:

In default, it says that, press 1 for desired extension, 2 for name & 0 for operator.

How can I make it 'If you know your desired extension please dial now or press 0 for the operator assistance.? I need not 1 for extensio & 2 for name & also want to remove # after dialing extension?

Could anyone help me how to make the script like these?

Community Member

Re: IVR Scripting help

You can check the script enclosed.Change the wav files according to your requirement

Community Member

Re: IVR Scripting help

Hi Dear,

Thanks a lot for ur reply.

your script is not working. It is not playing welcome prompt. when I call any ext. it goes to operator. could u pls. check & send it again?

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Re: IVR Scripting help

Let me know which codec you are using for IPCC and send e the required wav files then only i can edit the script.

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Re: IVR Scripting help

I have IP IVR 4.5 with CCM 5.0 cluster. I have recorded 5 .wav files:






I have the CRS editor. I have already modified by deleting # option after dialing any extension. But, I did not find the option to remove 1 for extension dial & 2 for name dial. I want to use configure like, dial directly extension or 0 for operator.

Could you pls. help me, in script where I can find the option & modify? or send me a customized script?

Do I need any more .wav file?

Pls. help me asap?

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