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JGW fail on start

In IPCC environment i try to conect my Generic PG to CallManager/IVR but the JTAPI Gateway process fail to start. The log files report:

Events from March 20, 2006:

17:08:26 pg1A-jgw1 Initializing Event Management System (EMS) Library.

17:08:26 pg1A-jgw1 Trace: EMS Server pipe wtest\PG1A\jgw1EMSPipe enabled for wtest\PG1A\jgw1

17:08:26 pg1A-jgw1 Trace: Unable to find class (null)

17:08:26 pg1A-jgw1 Trace: error occured, system exits...

17:08:26 pg1A-jgw1 Trace: JGW exits.

Any hint?

Thanks in advance



Re: JGW fail on start

Did you install the JTAPI from the CM plug-ins? And have you specified the right jtapi user and password for the connection from pg to CM? It looks like you have not installed JTAPI. If you have installed jtapi, then you would get a different error for failed connectivity.

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Re: JGW fail on start


i have installed JTAPI from CallManager and the user and password are right (and the error, in this case, should be different).

I've installed several PG but this behavior is unusual.


Re: JGW fail on start

Can you get me the jgw1 process log. I can take a look at it. It looks like jtapi does not stay up. More than the PG log, you need to look at the jtapi log because that is the one that exits. Jack up the trace, restart PG and send me the log. Did you do any upgrades recently? Or is this a new implementation?

Also, take a look at the IPCC Troubleshooting Guide

Also, for tracing JTAPI,

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