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JTAPI Error caused by Agent software

Cisco Unified Communications - System version

Cisco Unified CCX - System version


User is at a different PC than they were before and can't log into agent, they get a JTAPI error.

Known Causes:

     User logs off mobility before logging out of their agent. 

     Computer crashes with user logged into phone via mobility and Agent software running.

          User can't log into another phone until Administrator finds them in the Actively Logged In Device Report and goes to the device and logs them out.


     Agent software give a JTAPI error when user goes to a new machine and logs into the phone then tries the Agent.

Work Around:

     Agent has to be sent back to old machine.  Log in, Log into Phone, then Log into Agent.  Log out of Agent, Log out of phone, then log off machine

          and go back to new machine for it to allow them to log into Agent.

My real question is, can I fix the agent issue without having them do this?  If a machine has died and can't be brought back up, unless the Cisco servers are restarted, the only way to get user to log on again is create them another set of extensions.  I believe this behavior even occurred back in 4 and 7.   I'm just hoping someone knows a way of correcting without the extra drama.

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