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JTAPI failing after outage


I am working on a UCCE 9.0

I had previously configured a CTI route point to be dialed when agents need to transfer their calls to the queue and it was working fine.

After an outage in the call center (still investigating the causes, but probably related to Call Manager outage), agent phones restarted and ever since, the route point 1234 is not working anymore, it's giving a busy tone.

I noticed that this route point's IP is that of PG A

However, on Framework Portico, when having a look at the processes, I got the attached:

- The VRU PIMs are active on side A and idle on B

- The UCM and Jtapi are idle on side A and active on side B

- I have warnings in the UCM pim process, which I dumped and the result is attached

Is this a normal behavior? To have the different PIMs active on the two different sides?

Any idea how to fix the CTI route point problem?

Thank you,

Sahar Hanna


Re: JTAPI failing after outage

We had a similar problem recently after a network outage... lots of CTI Route Points showing as Unregistered, but giving an IP address of the B side PG even though A side was Active. There a couple ways to go about fixing the CTI RP association:

  1. For each effected CTI Route Point, remove control of it from the PG's Application User in Call Manager, then re-add it.
  2. or, you can shut down PG services simlutaneously on the A and B side PGs, then start them back up... start up the one you would like "Active" first.  Best to do this during a service window, as it will prevent agent logins, end existing logins, and present a fast busy signal to all calls on UCCE CTI Route Points during the outage.

A full service restart like (2) above should fix your split Active/Idle issue as well. You can also cycle the services one side at a time (first the side you want active, then the side you want idle after the first comes back up), but I found when we had our CTI RP registration issues that they weren't fixed until both sides were shut down and restarted.

You might be able to just restart the JTAPI service in Call Manager to fix the registrations, however this won't push active PG services back to a single side.


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