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Last Agent Call Routing

IPCC Express Enhanced-wanting to route a caller to the agent who assisted them with their last call, based on the calling line ID.


Re: Last Agent Call Routing

Routing a call in the IPCC environment involves the following


Routing client, which involves CCM, IP-IVR, PSTN (NIC), and other ACDs

Routing request

Routing script

Device target on the CCM

Route response

Essentially, when a routing client makes a request for a route from the ICM platform, it receives the response and delivers the call to the specified destination. If an IPCC agent is available, ICM software routes the call to the device target

(phone) on the CCM (device targets are dynamically associated with the agent when the agent logs in to the system). If an agent is not available, ICM software can be scripted to route the call to the IP-IVR, where it is queued until an agent

becomes available.

This url should help you:

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Re: Last Agent Call Routing

The question is in IPCC Express, not ICM.

If you want to keep the agent and calling ID for past calls, you probably need to save them into external DB, so when new call comes in, check this DB to find out the agent who handled this ANI before, and route to that agent.


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