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LDAP Integration+Authentication with UCCX


I've a CCM 6.1(2) with UCCX 5.0(2),and I need to make an LDAP Integration+Authentication with an Active Directory 2003.

The problem is that accounts that uses UCCX are end users on CCM, and when I activate the integration this account became deleted. This accounts are agents, supervisor and the crsadministrator account, so UCCX became unaccesible.

I've tested making the same accounts on AD and them import them with synchronization, and it doesn't works. Only the CRSadministrator account appears, but password doesnt works on UCCX admin web interface.

So are this two applications (UCCX and LDAP integration+authentication) compatible?

There is a formal procedure to make this?

Should I need to install again UCCX after the LDAP integration?

Please let me know

Andres Pasten

Adexus S.A.

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Re: LDAP Integration+Authentication with UCCX

Hi Andres,

When the CUCM is inaccessible, you will not be able to access UCCX.

What I would suggest is,

Please creat users in Ad, import them in cucm and add those users as Admin/Supervisor/Agents in UCCX.

It would work..



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Re: LDAP Integration+Authentication with UCCX

Hi Andreas,

Did you get a resolution to this issue?

I am experiencing the same problem, as the IPT team conducted an AD integration without my knowledge and it deleted my UCCX Administrator user. The only user I can now login with is the default one with ciscocisco password. However when I login, I can not access anything except the Help menu in Appadmin.

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Re: LDAP Integration+Authentication with UCCX


No, I'm still stuck in this trouble. Another engineer has found some links on the net, but nothing Cisco official.

We are going to test them, and then inform the forum.

Do you have some CCM's backup? maybe you can return to a previous CCM config, and restablish the normal operation on UCCX.

Hope that works.

Andres Pasten

Adexus S.A.

Hall of Fame Super Silver

Re: LDAP Integration+Authentication with UCCX

If you no longer can access UCCX due to the admin user credential issues you have 2 options:

1. brake the LDAP integration in CM and relogin to UCCX, make sure you add identical user to AD before reestablishing LDAP connection

2. Use CET tool to change the application state to "FRESH_INSTALL" which will allow you to go through the initial wizard again and select the admin user, search this forum for more info on the usage of this tool as this has been answered numerous times by myself and others.



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Re: LDAP Integration+Authentication with UCCX

Thanks very much I am going to try this process that was previously posted by nicolas.mansour for UCCX versions 5 and above:

1 . Start the Config Object Browser.

Go to start -> run and type "cet"

(or run cet.bat in the "C:\Program Files\wfavvid" directory )

2 . Select "" from the config object type tree and double click on the row at the right pane.

3. Select the "" tab and change the Setup State from "DONE" to "FRESH_INSTALL".

4. Restart the node manager.

5 . Login to the Appadmin with Administrator/ciscocisco credentials.

6 . This will lead to the initial setup

Thanks for all your help.

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Re: LDAP Integration+Authentication with UCCX


We running with the same issue on CUCM 8.5 + UCCX 8.5. After AD integration, we cannot log to UCCX anymore. As known, there is no more windows to run the CET tools or do something fancy.

Please advise if there is some way to get around this.


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Re: LDAP Integration+Authentication with UCCX


We've decided to stop the AD integration because we didnt get any formal procedure from Cisco about this issue.

We made a lab with this situation and when you create the same admin/pwd account of UCCX on AD previously to the integration, sometimes it works, it's not 100% safe.

We told customer that we needed a backup from both servers, for example an acronis image of UCCX to roll back. But, in the worst case the reinstallation of the UCCX after the AD integration is the only way out.


Andres Pasten C.

Adexus S.A.

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