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Least Loaded Agent configuration


I am running a lab using ICM 7.2, with CCM 4.3 , IPIVR6.0.I want to configure for a scenario where in my call should go to the agent who has taken the least number of calls in that skill group. Can anyone please help me out in acheiving this ?


Re: Least Loaded Agent configuration

I don't see an easy way to do this. Perhaps by building some sort of customization into the desktop (CTIOS Tool Kit).

The flip side would be, why are you trying to do this? In a long enough time line all agents with the same skill will get the same amount of calls. Perhaps you need to look at your problem and think of a long term solution rather than a short term fix. Just my two cents...


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Re: Least Loaded Agent configuration

Thanks for ur response david. My customer requirement is like all the agents in the skill group should have taken equal(if not equal a considerable amount of balance needs to be there) number of calls at the end of the shift.

( scenario example : Suppose agent A has taken 5 calls and is back to available state and agent B has taken 3 and back to available state then my call should go to agent B even though he has gone to available state after agent A)

Re: Least Loaded Agent configuration

I really can't think of an easy solution that does not involve agent desktop customization. One none technical solution is have the supervisors keep track of this information using webview and work with their agents accordingly.


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