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Local vs Flex Connect, best for throughput??

Hi Folks. We have a new install of 80 x 1600 AP's connecting to a 5508 controller (soon to be in HA pair). The dilemma is we need to achieve the fastest throughput per AP, and have created all AP's as Flexconnect. The traffic breaks from each local 3750, opposed to the WLC. However, is this the best approach for performance?

My thinking is that even if we ether channelled 4 x 1GB ports on the 5508, the performance would still bottleneck the AP's. Making central switching (local mode) a slower option.

I'm worried I'm not quite understanding the local switching, and might be missing something. But I can only see the WLC breakout as a potential chokepoint, and can't see why large enterprise would use this method. Surely I'm missing something.

Has anyone got real world experience of the traffic generated by 80+ AP's, if configured in local mode?

Also, in local mode. Does the traffic go client > ap > wlc > destination, and return Destination > wlc > ap > client?

Sorry so many questions. But apart from the additional functionality (packet inspection etc), I can' t see the benefit of "local mode" for performance?

Cheers fellow Cisco Nerds


Posted by WebUser Paul Walton from Cisco Support Community App

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