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Log Agents Out Automatically

I'm running IPCC Express 4.05 and would like to be able to log all agents out at a certain time 6pm. A lot of times the agents stay logged in, and calls do not roll to my answering service. Is there a way to force this to happen in my script?

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Re: Log Agents Out Automatically


The best logs for troubleshooting

these types of issues are the MCVD, MIVR, and Event Viewer logs. Can

upload the following logs from the CRS server that was primary

during the time of the failure? The logs containing the 5:30pm - 6:30pm

time frame will be most relevant.

C:\Program Files\wfavvid\log\MIVR

C:\Program Files\wfavvid\log\MCVD

Windows Event Viewer - System (saved in .evt format)

Windows Event Viewer - Application (saved in .evt format)

Are you using IP Phone agent or CAD ?

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Re: Log Agents Out Automatically

There are not any failures. What I want to happen is at 6pm, all agents (CAD) get logged out of the system automatically.


Re: Log Agents Out Automatically

I'm assuming you do not want to use Time of Day logic in your scripts? As far as logging out agents automatically, there is no built in functionality that will facilitate this. There are some third party tools that I've seeen that will do this.

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