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Logger and CTI Server



I'm having few doubts by going through Cisco UCCE document by Gray ford. The queries are below

1.logger has all the CC configuration, also it is responsible for replicating the same to HDS. What is the time period of this sync, and is there any option to change the Sync time from Logger to HDS.

2. CtI server has all the agent level information (ready, not ready, login, Logout). as Logger has all the CC configuration will that know the same as like CTI Server?


3. I can see sql server management studio in all the servers (AWDB, CTI, Rogger), as of now am querying in AWDB to get details about (TCD, Agent Team, etc etc). Will that be same when I query CTI/Rogger DB. below is my understanding on this question, please correct me if wrong


Database for all the servers should be same(one), we are seeing that in all servers because we have accessablity to all the servers. So where ever we query, the result will be same.


1. No there is no way to slow

1. No there is no way to slow down the sync, the sync depends on a number of factors (how much there is to sync, available bandwidth, etc.), but the system is always ensuring it's in sync.

2. I'm not sure I understand your question, don't query the logger for anything query the AW/HDS.

3. More than likely you have a lab system with a progger. PGs don't need SQL. If you query either AW,  you should get the same data.



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