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Logout Reason Code 32764

Hi all,

I'm implementing UCCX 7.0(1) SR5, using only 1 server. I have a situation where some agent suddenly logout of their CAD, only some agent. When i checked the Cisco Supervisor Desktop, that agent is logout with reason code : 32764. I know that reason code means CRS failover, that only happen when there are 2 UCCX server. But i'm only using one UCCX server. I wonder why this happens. Does anybody have idea?


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Re: Logout Reason Code 32764

In the documentation, the reason code 32764 is defined as:

CRS failover. The system issues this reason code when the active server becomes the standby server and the agent loses connection to the Unified CCX platform.

However, in your scenario, as you mentioned, you only have one server. I'd begin troubleshooting this by looking at if there's any reason for the agents to lose network connectivity with the server. Is there anything in common amongst the agents that lose connection? Also, check the Agent debug logs on the client side, and look at the time they disconnect, to see if any further clues are given.

Failing that, you can open a case with the TAC, for someone to look at this more closely with you.



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Re: Logout Reason Code 32764

Hi Amir,

Thanks for your reply. How to check the debug log at client side?

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Re: Logout Reason Code 32764


Logs are in c:\program files\cisco\desktop\log



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Re: Logout Reason Code 32764

As Aaron already mentioned, the logs are located in:

The log files are C:\Program Files\Cisco\Desktop\log\

Look for log files named Agent*.log and Agent*.dbg (it will look like Agent00001.log or .dbg)

Capture both the Agent*.log and Agent*.dbg files that cover the timeframe of the issue, and look for any errors which might give clues as to what's going on. At this point, it would be best work with someone from TAC, to diagnose this issue further. If you need more assistance, please let me know.



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