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Managing Multiple Prompts

We have an application where users wish to manage their own prompts; basically a simple IVR application with service details, prices (etc) which could change fairly often.

I've written a script to handle a single "message of the day" for other CSQs, but this is slightly different in that any prompt referenced in the script could be required to be changed.

My thoughts on this at the moment, are to not upload these prompts in the familiar way, but keep them in a directory and play them using FILE[...] references. If the prompts were simply named "prompt1.wav", "prompt2.wav" then it would be fairly straightforward to write an application which could cycle though the prompts and give the maintenance user the ability to change the prompt (using a Recording step and then writing the file to disk).

However, this may have implications when upgrading to IPCCX 4.0, where ideally, the prompt need to be uploaded to the repository to ensure replication.

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