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Manual CCX call forward


I am looking for a way to have the a CCX applicaiton forwarded out to a cell phone.  Some of the requirements are:

     1. The cell phone number will constantly change. 

     2. The phone number will need to be updated daily by a Call Center staff member.

     3. The process has to be manual.  Work hours vary from day to day.  So setting a date/time/CallRedirect steps in a CCX script may not be an option.

     4. The forwarding will need to be turned on/off manually at any time, when turned off, normal script call flow takes place.

My first thought was to have the script check to see if there are agents logged in (maybe in a "Ready" state??), and if not, forward to a cell phone.  I am not sure that solution will work because, built into the script they have logic that sends the call to a backup call center when no one answers, and they want to keep that logic in place.

The solution has to be strictly "on a whim" type scenario, and can't really incorporate any CCX scripting logic (atleast that I can think of).


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Manual CCX call forward

Oh by the way, we are running CCX Enhanced 8.5.1.

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Manual CCX call forward

The way I would accomplish this is to build an XML file (which is stored in the Document Repository) with the elements that need to be changed (e.g. transfer destination, open/close hours, force open/close, etc) and an administrative IVR which allows a staff member to modify the XML file over the phone. The normal script would then get this XML file from the repository (though normally it would be cached to a session for I/O management reasons) and update its variables/behavior accordingly. This is not lightweight scripting though and, unless you're a programmer by trade, you probably need to engage a particuarly well-travelled partner engineer to get it done.

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Manual CCX call forward

I agree with Jonathan, this is the best method. I have the solution implemented in all of our UCCX clusters and all scripts, this allows us to shut / open the call centres and play either a message or divert to a specified mobile number.

I use 1 script with an IVR that allows you to dial in and change variables which are then written to an XML document, this XML document / variables are then queried in your main script. We use it for things like emergency shutdown of contact centres, agents working awat from desks tc.

Thanks, Carl

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Hi Jonathan,Can you please

Hi Jonathan,

Can you please provide a sample XML File? I have exactly the same requirement, but I am struggling to get this working.



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Hi, Please find below the



Please find below the link from where you can download the Script Repository that contains all the different types of Sample Script along with their complete ReadMe section and required XML files. Use them as per your requirements, though it is for version 9.0.2 but will work for 10.x or 10.6 for that matter




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Thank you! :)D

Thank you! :)


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Manual CCX call forward

Thanks Guys.  I figured the solution would be something along those lines.

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