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Manually reopening a queue when it is scheduled as closed.

Hello everyone,

          I am trying to figure out how had add in a variable or a step in one a my call centers. there is a scheduled time on Wednesdays when our call center is "closed for training" and they would like to have the option of remaining open if needed. we have another script that allows us to call into our environment and edit prompts and change a queue status. the engineer who built this environment is no longer available to me. the users here can close and reopen the call center with no issues on any other day and any time other than Wednesdays when the schedule has it as "closed for training". does anyone have an idea of what i could do here? I have attached a copy of the call center script with the section of the "time settings" showing when it is closed. and another section from the script that allows us to call into the environment and make changes such as recording a prompt and changing a queue status, like early closures.

- What i would like to accomplish here is to give ownership of opening and closing the call centers to the client / supervisors of the call center.

- I have been manully editing and uploading a script when they want to remain open on Wednesdays, then uploading the original after they are done.



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Manually reopening a queue when it is scheduled as closed.

You want to use XML file for that, see the emergency scripts in the script repository examples:



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