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Maximum character limits for data types under the Definition tab in Outbound Dialer Import Rule configuration.


We're running an outbound SIP dialer under UCCE 8.5(4). The need has come up to allow more than 10 characters for the first name field under the Definition tab in the import rule configuration section, however, it seems that 10 characters is the upper limit. The reason for wanting to do this is that we're seeing a large number of calls fail to import because the members first name is larger than 10 characters, for example, an import record with a first name of Maximillian will fail. The idea was presented to simply shorten the member name in the event it exceeds 10 characters. However, the concern is that this will cause the agent to mispronounce the members name when they are connected on the phone during initial greeting. For example, Maximillian now becomes Maximillia. Has anyone ever run into the need to do this? Is there a known workaround? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.




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Mike,Are you certain that you


Are you certain that you're trying to increase the value of the correct field? When you go into your Import Rule > Definition tab > highlight the FirstName field name and click Modify... What you should see for Field length is 1-255. You can easily increase the number of character to over 10.


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Hi Omar, thank you for your

Hi Omar, thank you for your response.

This was the first thing we tried, however when we click 'OK', we get the following error: 'Only 10 characters are allowed for FirstName'.



Yes, you are correct. I guess

Yes, you are correct. I guess I should've clicked OK before posting that picture lol. 

I think your only option to create a custom field

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We actually tried that as

We actually tried that as well. It allowed us to do it, however a test record we imported failed to show the 'AltName' custom field at all in the agent desktop when the agent was connected.

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