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New Member

MDS doesnt gets synced

I have installed UCCE 8.5.4 version as a part of the technology refresh.

After installation, MDS is running out of sync on PGs.

Diagnostic Framework Portico for PG A is as follws :

Peripheral Gateway 8A

nodeman.exe : 21:10:41

nmm.exe : 21:10:41

mdsproc.exe : PG8A mdsproc - (InSvc Is-Enb) : 21:10:41

opc-tdm.exe : PG8A opc-tdm.exe : 21:10:41

pgagent.exe : -PG8A pgagent - (InSvc A:Active B:Idle) : 21:10:41

ecspim.exe : [St/I] ECSPIM [ 275] CMS[#0 ?E?A?S? v0.0.0] CV[] : 21:10:41

testsync.exe : PG8A testsync : 21:10:41

Diagnostic Framework Portico for PG B is as follws :

Peripheral Gateway 8B

nodeman.exe : 21:09:02

nmm.exe : 21:09:02

mdsproc.exe : PG8B mdsproc - (InSvc Is-Enb Clk) : 21:09:02

opc-tdm.exe : PG8B opc-tdm.exe : 21:09:02

pgagent.exe :PG8B pgagent - (OOSvc A:Disc B:Disc) : 21:09:02

ecspim.exe : [St/I] ECSPIM [ 275] CMS[#0 ?E?A?S? v0.0.0] CV[] : 21:09:02

testsync.exe : PG8B testsync : 21:09:02

ents from September 4, 2013:

13:41:48:954 PG8B-mds Initializing Event Management System (EMS) Library.

13:41:48:954 PG8B-mds Trace: EMS Server pipe XXX\PG8B\mdsEMSPipe enabled for XXX\PG8B\mds

13:41:48:954 PG8B-mds Initializing Node Manager Library.

13:41:48:954 PG8B-mds Trace: Monitor Server pipe \PG8B\mdsCmdPipe enabled for XXX\PG8B\mds

13:41:48:970 PG8B-mds Trace: EMT I/O completion ports: max threads=16, concurent threads=0

13:41:49:017 PG8B-mds Trace: MBufLimitMgr OpenMutex Global\MBUF Limit Table Mutex

13:41:49:017 PG8B-mds MDS Process starting. Release , Build 275.

13:41:49:017 PG8B-mds Trace: AppRTT set in WATCHING mode

13:41:49:017 PG8B-mds Trace: MDSPROC - CreateMutex - Global\MDS Side B Clock Master Mutex

13:41:49:017 PG8B-mds Synchronizer initializing for duplex operation.

13:41:49:313 PG8B-mds Client nm registered with handle 41.

13:41:49:313 PG8B-mds Client nm started.

13:41:49:313 PG8B-mds Client pgag registered with handle 48.

13:41:49:313 PG8B-mds Client opc registered with handle 1.

13:41:49:313 PG8B-mds Client pgag started.

13:41:49:313 PG8B-mds Client opc started.

13:41:49:313 PG8B-mds Client pim1 registered with handle 33.

13:41:49:313 PG8B-mds Client pim1 started.

13:41:50:327 PG8B-mds Client nmctisvr registered with handle 16.

13:41:50:327 PG8B-mds Client nmctisvr started.

13:41:50:920 PG8B-mds Client tsyp registered with handle 65.

13:41:50:920 PG8B-mds Client tsyp started.

13:42:06:894 PG8B-mds Client ctisvr registered with handle 17.

13:42:06:894 PG8B-mds Client ctisvr started.

13:42:19:078 PG8B-mds Initiating test of peer Synchronizer.

13:42:19:078 PG8B-mds Trace: Sending TOS request: sequence = 1.

13:42:19:078 PG8B-mds Trace: Received TOS response: sequence=1 status=UNREACHABLE.

13:42:19:078 PG8B-mds Trace: Sending TOS request: sequence = 2.

13:42:19:078 PG8B-mds Trace: Received TOS response: sequence=2 status=UNREACHABLE.

13:42:19:078 PG8B-mds Peer Synchronizer was found to be unreachable.

13:42:19:078 PG8B-mds Synchronizer switching to non-duplex operation.

13:42:19:078 PG8B-mds MDS now in service.

13:42:49:124 PG8B-mds Synchronizer timed out trying to establish connection to peer.

14:41:49:013 PG8B-mds MDS Process is reporting periodic overall metering statistics.

I have these PGs installed in two different geographical locations and can successfully ping both private and public interfaces.

Your help will be appreciated.


MDS doesnt gets synced

Any chance the windows firewall is running on either server?  Are you 100% positive you have the IP addresses correct?


New Member

MDS doesnt gets synced

Hey David,

Thanks for the response. There is no firewall running on these servers. IP Address are accurate.

Is there a way i set the trace or sniff the private communication between both the PGs ?

MDS logs clearly suggest the remote host is unreachable and thats the reason both PGs act in Isolated Enabled state.


MDS doesnt gets synced

I think the MDS port is 430001 or something like that, can you post a "netstat -a" on the command prompt to see what ports are listening?  The other method would be to do a wireshark capture on the network and see what's going on.


New Member

MDS doesnt gets synced

Ok, i got the problem.

PGA was configured on Instance 1 and PG B was configured on instance 0. I increased the trace level on PG and figured out that Remote server = PGB was rejecting the connections on the TCP ports due to incorrect instance.

David - Thanks for your help.



MDS doesnt gets synced

Glad you got it sorted out.