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Meetme with CCX script

It's sad that we cannot initiate meetme externally. Well I hope that one day Cisco would support it. Anyway, here's my issue. But before I go straight to my question, I thought I would need you give you some background information on what I wanted to get.

A user calls a DID number and this gets routed to CCX.

CCX prompts the user to enter a conference code (i.e. meetme #)

CCX collects the digits and compares. If it matches a pre-defined code, go ahead and connect to the conference. If not, ask the user to try again, etc.

Now we have about 10 meetme numbers in CUCM that have already been configured and working. These are all private DNs that only Cisco phones can call and they can only be called when they are already in a conference (initiated). If not, you’ll get fast busy. Okay, how does the script know if a meetme bridge is already open or not before letting the participants to join the conference? This is important because if I joint before the leader, I’ll get fast busy. So I would need to tell the script to hold on for minute to make sure that the leader has joined the conference first before letting me in. Could someone please tell me how I can achieve it in my script?



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Re: Meetme with CCX script

AFAIK Cisco has no intention of changing the behavior of MeetMe conferences. This would erode their MeetingPlace and WebEx business and those BUs would have strong objection to doing that.  For the record, it would be possible to do this if you wrote an application that performed the appropriate SCCP signaling as if it were a phone.  It is possible, just not out-of-the-box.

As for CCX: It has no idea whether the conference has initiated or not. You can perform a supervised transfer with the Call Consult Transfer step. If the transfer fails, then the MeetMe conference has not been initiated.  You can easily put the caller on hold, delay for X amount of time, and then try again if you want. You may want to consider what would happen if a person called in at a totally random time. CCX has no way of knowing that the MeetMe conference is not going to be starting anytime soon.

This, and many other reasons, is why Cisco sells MeetingPlace.

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Re: Meetme with CCX script

You speak for Cisco huh. Thanks for your information Jonathan.

Hey Anthony H. (Enventis), if you happen to read this thread, I would love to hear your comment too.

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Re: Meetme with CCX script

I do not speak for Cisco.

AFAIK = As Far As I Know

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Re: Meetme with CCX script

It's all good. Much appreciated

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