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Menu Options in the IP Phone Agent with IPCC 4.0.4


I'm using the IP Phone Agent in 7940 IP Phones and everything works well, except the menu options, not available to the Agent for Recording. I have already set the VoIP Monitor Option for this 7940 IP Phone but remains no display.

Any Tip will be welcome.

Thanks in Advanced


Re: Menu Options in the IP Phone Agent with IPCC 4.0.4

Here is the instructions on how to use Sound Recorder to record prompts in G729 and G711:

Step 1 From your Windows Start menu, choose Start > Programs > Accessories> Entertainment > Sound Recorder.

The Sound Recorder dialog box opens.

Step 2 Click the Record button and speak your greeting into the microphone.

Step 3 Click the Stop button when you finish recording.

Step 4 To check your greeting, click the Rewind button or drag the slider back to the beginning of the recording. Then click the Play button.

Step 5 When you are satisfied with your greeting, choose File > Save As.

The Save As window opens.

Step 6 Click Change to set the recording options.

You can also set recording properties by choosing Properties from the Sound Recorder File menu.

The Sound Selection dialog box opens.

Step 7 From the Format drop-down menu, choose:

CCITT u-Law if you have the G711 codec Option with "G729" or "G729a" in its title if you have the G729 codec

Step 8 From the Attributes drop-down menu, choose 8.000 kHz, 8 Bit, Mono 7 kb/sec.

Step 9 Click Save As.

The Save As dialog box opens.

Step 10 Enter a name for this format, and then click OK.

The Save As Dialog Box closes.

Step 11 In the Sound Selection dialog box, click OK.

The Sound Selection dialog box closes.

Step 12 In the Save As window, navigate to the directory of your choice, preferably a directory that you have set aside for prompts.

Step 13 Select the file name, and click Save.

The Save As dialog box closes.

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