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Menu Step - "ABCD" ?

So how exactly does "ABCD" get to be an acceptable input for a Menu step (Filter tab)?  I've been all over Cisco's site trying to find out more details on this step that might explain what they mean, but no luck.

Secondly, i'm looking for ways to have more than 10 menu items (without using * and #), how would i set options 11, 12?

...these are the kinds of things i think of before i've had my coffee in the morning....


Re: Menu Step - "ABCD" ?

How would a caller choose more than 10 options without using * and #? Do they have a hexadecimal phone?

Why would you present so many options at the one level? The normal recommendation is no more than 5 items at any one level, no more than 3 levels. Studies have shown too many items in a list - we can't remember them.

You need a multi-level menu. Why not?



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Re: Menu Step - "ABCD" ?

Well for starters, i completely agree with you, the menu should not contain more than a few options...but the 8th layer of the 7 layer OSI model does not allow me to choose something else.  : /  Bascially this menu is a listing of departments for the organization.

I know it's possible to have more than 10 options in IVR menus, just not sure how to do it in UCCX.  Listened to a menu once that was 27 options, hah!  I think i fell asleep around 18 or so...

I'm stuck on how to differentiate option 1 from option 10 -19.

Oh, and what the heck is "ABCD" for?  my phone doesn't have separate buttons for ABCD, maybe i need that hexidecimal phone

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Re: Menu Step - "ABCD" ?


If there's more than 5 options, I'll have forgotten the first three before I listen to the last one...

Maybe split your options up, and put them into some sort of hierarchy?


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Re: Menu Step - "ABCD" ?

see above for my comments

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Re: Menu Step - "ABCD" ?

I'm not sure how you would do this with a menu function.  There may be a way, but I'm unfamiliar with it.  However, you could do it with a get digit string command followed by a switch command.

Re: Menu Step - "ABCD" ?

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Re: Menu Step - "ABCD" ?

I've done this in the past. Admittedly in the IPIVR connected to a UCCE so some of my rules were in the enterprise script.

Essentially what you need to do is use a get digit string (2 digits), put the value collected into a variable and then use an IF statement to check the values and output to the correct destination.

So user inputs 12 and you run through the if statements until you get a true.

User inputs 1 the get digit will time out (expecting 2 digits) still store the value on the fail leg and then pass to the if chain.

Probably not the most efficient method but it will work.

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Re: Menu Step - "ABCD" ?

A switch statement will eliminate the need for the series of IF statements.

I would also recommend that you normalize the digit string you collect to put a 0 in front of any single digit numbers that the caller entered.

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