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Menu to Multiple CSQ's

I am new to the scripting, I am basic guy and I have Multiple CSQ which were easy.

My Question, I have been asked to create a Menu Tree for Multiple languages. I want to start out with a easy 3 option menu. But from the Menu on is my stoppage, Do I need to have the Menu point to 3 separate queues? or 1 Queue that has 3 resources, and how do I initiate the resources. 2 resources will be specific to 2 groups and 1 group will cover 2 resources.

I am leaning towards the separate queues, but I am not sure how to complete the steps of getting the caller into the correct queue.

Any help on pointers for creating this queue menu would be helpfull.

I want to start out basic and add features in the future.

Thank you

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Re: Menu to Multiple CSQ's

Hi Neal,

I am not clear about your query fully, but will tell you what I understood.

Basically you have 3 Agents (Resources) , each Agent has different language skills out of 3 languages (skills).

Lets say Agent1 , Agent2 and Agent3 are the resources.

Language1, Language2 and Language3 are 3 different languages.

You create 3 skills, skill1 for language1 , skill2 for language2 and skill3 for language3.

(Agent: competency level)

Agent1=>skill1 : 6, skill2:6

Agent2=>skill1 : 6, skill2: 8, skill3: 6

Agent3=>skill1 : 6, skill3: 7


A: Queue that has 3 resources

You create CSQ1 which has skill1 (covering all three agents). Lets say minimum compentency level as 1 here.

Note: Make sure that the Agent skill competency levels are above the qualifying skill competency in the CSQ's.

=>CSQ1: Has Agent1+Agent2+Agent3 in it


B: 2 resources will be specific to 2 groups

Create CSQ2, with skill1 and skill2 with the minimum skill competency as 1.

=>Agent1 and Agent2 are part of CSQ1 and CSQ2


C: 1 group will cover 2 resources

Create CSQ3, with skill3 with minimum competency level as 1.

=>CSQ3 has Agent2 and Agent3


You can create a script, which will collect CED (Caller Entered Digits) as 1 or 2 or 3, depending on this CED you can route this call to either CSQ1 or CSQ2 or CSQ3.

Hope it helps.



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Menu to Multiple CSQ's

You got it what I was trying to get out. I just need to get it all together, start with 25 agents this week and in a few months I will look at getting to that 400 mark....


Menu to Multiple CSQ's

Hi Neal,

Good that my understanding was in line with your requirement :-).

If you are planning to increase the Agent seat count to 400 later than i am assuming that you are planing to install UCCX 8.x on UCS C210M1/M2, B200M1/M2 with 400 Agent OVA template.

Good luck and enjoy using UCCX.

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