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Messages are not played at Run Ext Scripts

Call Flow Requirement :

1. Call land into Queue to SkillGroup, If agents are busy it has to play a “waiting“message then it has to play “Hold Music”.

2. The call has to land into the agent, If any agent get available

Issue is:

If agents are busy it plays only the hold music but it not playing the waiting message before the hold music.

Script Structure

1. Start

2. Queue to SkillGroup

3. Run External Script for Waiting message

4. Run External Script for Hold Music message

5. Again it's connected to QtoSKG

I did the following..

1. I have two .wav files for Wait message and Hold Music.

2. I had created the Network VRU scripts.

3. I had copied the .wav files into the C:\Cisco\CVP\Media Files\en-us\app\Wait.wav, C:\Cisco\CVP\Media Files\en-us\app\Hold.wav


Re: Messages are not played at Run Ext Scripts

That's basically correct.

Out of the success port of the "Queue to Skill Group" node you connect to the Wait message, and then that leads to the Hold message/music. Out of that node, loop back through a line connector to itself - not back to the Queue to Skill Group.

Isolate the problem. After the Wait message, connect a Release node. When the agent is logged into the SG and not ready, the caller should hear the Wait msg and then be released. Check that this works. Then add in the Hold music looping around back to itself.




Re: Messages are not played at Run Ext Scripts

Sorry, if you want to play the "wait message, hold music" again in sequence, then loop back to the wait message. Either way - but don't re-enter the Queue to SG.



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