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Migrating Webview Reports to CUIC


Everyone is running around with this problem since cisco stops the webview , the CUIC is a great reporting solution but the only thing CUIC  is weak with is the stock reports , not only they don't include all the  reports mostly needed but they can only be found in the half hour  intervals (no consolidated reports)

After months of working and developing i finally found out a way to migrate the webview reports to CUIC in a database query (not only anonymous block) and here are the detailed steps:

1-  If you have a webview server (version 8.0 preferred or earlier) go to  drive c: then folder icm\custom (if you don't a ZIP file is attached)

2-  Under the custom you will find folders for each type of reports (agent  per team , agent per agent, calltype , skill group , etc.....)

3- Choose whatever report you want to migrate to CUIC (in this scenario we will choose the calltype22 report)

4- The file that is located under the caltyp folder is name caltyp22.srd

5- open the file using notepad

6- when you open the file you will find along list of data , you should ignore most of it , just search for (retrieve=") , after that you will find a SELECT , copy all the data from there until you reach (" arguments=) (of course don't copy the " arguments=)

7- paste the copied data into a new notepad , search for all the values (112) (it is usually beside the Datetime parameter) replace it with 101

8- delete everything that has the : like this

Call_Type.CallTypeID in ( :list_calltype ) AND

    CTHH.DateTime >= :start_date  AND 

    CTHH.DateTime <= :end_date 

Any sql command that has the : remove it completely.

9- Copy the updated data and create a new report definition

10- use database query and historical datasource (because the report we are doing now is historical , if you decided to migrate a realtime use the real-time datasource)

11- paste the updated notepad file into query .

12- at the end of the page there is a create fields button, click on it and the report should be verified correctly and the fields are created.

13- after that go the next tab which is the fields , search for calltype (in other reports you may  need the agent team , agent, skill group, etc... search for the ID value not the value it self) , click on the edit properties , below beside the value list choose the call types from the drop down menu and click on update.

14- go to the last tab which is the properties , choose the Key Criteria Field to be the call type (call type) and click on the historical checkbox below it , choose from Historical Key Field the Datetime value then click on save at the top of the report definition.

Now your report definition is ready , all what you have to do is to go and create a new report and assign this report definition to it , be aware that in case of creating a new report , all the fields will be visible so go to the edit view and edit the report with only the need values for you.

I hope this helps.

Amer R. Sha'er

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Migrating Webview Reports to CUIC


Sorry, i forgot to add that the above way is only possible with a CUIC premium version (standard won't have this option)

also the data for the times (like average handle and ASA) would be in in normall decimal (like 425) so all what you have to do is to go to the report definition , choose the fields tab , search for asa , click on edit formating , in the fromat field choose time (HH:MM:SS) value , also for the SL if you need , you may also change it to the % in the same way.

One last thing , if you need a footer (which is the total, average or max value) in the summary raw , edit the footer in the same place under the format to the needed value.

Hope this helps.

Amer Sha'er