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Missed call on agent phone in EM,no RONA configured

Agent using extension mobilty and using for taking calls using CTIOS. When agent was already on a call found a call 2 is coming to her. The call did not answer is due to communication is still on going for first call. The call 2 view is missed call on IP Phone. At that time other two agents are available "ready" on the time.

Although agent found no missed call on that phone when cheked the directory.There is no RONA configured in ICM.

It seems someone dialed the agent extension/instrument id itself and since busy trigger by default set to 2 agent was able to see the second call.

If this is the case please help in let me know why agent not able to found missed call details on the phone.Does extension mobilty will not provide miss call data or by that time user get logged off the phone the data will not there in the phone.

Please suggest.




Re: Missed call on agent phone in EM,no RONA configured

Why not turn the busy trigger down? Call Center agents should not be able to get a second call - no call waiting.



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Re: Missed call on agent phone in EM,no RONA configured

Thanks Geoff for the reply.

Agnet line has busy trigger is 2 (by default) so will ICM send second call to agent knowing there is frst call to agent.
What happened in our case is that we have two agent in avilable state and while the third agent who was aleady on call got second call as call waiting. The third agent continued with his first call and the second call comes as missed call.Although supervior not able to find second call as missed call on the phone which agent using EM.
My question is will ICM send second call to thrid agent assuming other two agent agents are also on the call.
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