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Missing record for transferred call

I have created a custom Crystal Report that is similar to the Agent Summary report.  The CCDR table is linked to the ACDR table with the SessionID field and the SequenceNumber field as specified in the Cisco database documentation for UCCX v8.  The Calls Presented for each Agent is a few calls less than what the Cisco Agent Summary report shows.  My investigation shows that with some transferred calls there will be a matching record in both CCDR and ACDR for a certain SessionID with Sequence Number 0 but the transferred leg of the call will only have a record in the ACDR table with a Sequence number of 1.  There is no matching record with the same SessionID and Sequence Number 1 in the CCDR.  This is true for only a small number of calls.  Many tranferred calls show correctly with two records in both the CCDR and the ACDR. (Same SessionID and Sequence Number 0 and 1).  Cisco documentation states that there must be a matching record in both the CCDR and the ACDR with the same SessionID and Sequence Number.

Can anybody suggest why a matching record is not being created in the CCDR for the tranferred leg of some calls?

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