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Monitor IPCCX HA Failover


Anyone know of a quick way to establish monitoring of an IPCC cluster to notify (ideally via email) when a cluster fails over?



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Re: Monitor IPCCX HA Failover

Did you get any response to this? I would really like to know this myself.

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Re: Monitor IPCCX HA Failover

We use SNMP traps to send a trap to our NMS. Then our NMS will use qpage and send email to our staff. We wrote our own NMS trap collector but I believe CiscoWorks supports it as well.

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Re: Monitor IPCCX HA Failover

Can you give more detail about the trap ?

when does your IPCC send a trap... based on what ?

Re: Monitor IPCCX HA Failover

Hi Aaron,

You might be able to do this by using Embedded Event Manager on a router or switch to monitor a TCP port on the Master UCCX server and generate an alert if the port disappears.

There is an example of how to do this at the link below.

The example using ICMP rather than TCP but it is pretty simple to change.

I guess the difficult bit is working out which TCP port to track. Looking at the UCCX Port Utilisation Guide I would try TCP 38983 (LDAP Server) as this seems to be what CAD uses and that obviously detects failures and switches to the backup server.

I have not tried any of this yet but the theory seems logical!

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Re: Monitor IPCCX HA Failover

Failover Traps
Cisco Unified CCX failover traps are sent using CvaProcessStart trap with cvaModuleName description as "New Master xxx" where xxx = Process name. Below is a snapshot of a Cisco

Unified CCX Engine failover trap.
12/8/2006 13.51:28 SERVER-NAME Trap: P3 cvaProcessStart,
ent=ciscoVoiceAppsMIBNotifications, comm-public,
cvaAlarmSeverity=notice, cvaModuleName=New Master Engine, cvaProcessId=0

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