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Monitoring Call in Supervisor Desktop

I am running CM 4.2, IPCC 4.0(4). The agents have the IPCC phone agent and the supervisors have the supervisor desktop on their PC.

When you are in the Supervisor Desktop the buttons to monitor or barge a call are disabled.

Dose this need to be configured in the supervisor desktop or is it a setting on the IPCC server.



Re: Monitoring Call in Supervisor Desktop

There are two types of real-time displays: tabular and graphical (Premium only).

" Tabular displays present skill group, team, and agent information in a grid. It can be sorted by in ascending or descending order by clicking any column header in the grid.

" Graphical displays present the same information as bar charts, except for the Agent vs. Team Statistics, which is presented as two pie charts.

Re: Monitoring Call in Supervisor Desktop

First a rant. I don't know why people give random answers that have no connection to the question. Come on, you are in IT. You should be smart enough to understand the question. What is skill statistics got to do with monitoring? I see that some guyz just randomly search and post answers just to get some points!!

Anyways, regarding the real question. What is the flavor of IPCCX - Standard, Enhanced, Premium? Silent Monitoring is not supported in standard version at all. For enhanced and premium, check to see if your recording and monitoring service is enabled. Also, check to see if you have specified the UCCX server as the monitoring server in Cisco Desktop Admin under Enterprise Desktop Configuration->VOIP monitor. Also, check to see if the extensions are being monitored.

You can barge in only when there is active call. Not sure why you barge in might not work though.

Good luck.

Re: Monitoring Call in Supervisor Desktop

Also, check the CRS Servicing and troubleshooting guide. There is useful information in that document.

Barge-in is not a feature of standard version. It is available only in enhanced/premium

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