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Monitoring/Recording not working

Upgraded a customer from uccx 5 to 9. All is well except monitoring/recording. They start recording a call but when they go to retrieve it, the system says there are no recorded calls.

I believe everything is set up correctly in CAD and CDA yet no recordings. They also gave the agents new PC's so I'm wondering if the new nic's are the problem.

Any suggestions?

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Monitoring/Recording not working

CAD-based monitoring and recording are based on the phone mirroring the packets to the PC port. You need 2 things for it to work: the phone spanning the traffic to the PC, and the PC able to put its network card into promiscuous mode to receive the traffic.

Make sure that the phones are configured with the option "Span to PC Port" enabled. Since it sounds like this was working previously, that is probably not the issue, but it is the first thing to check.

If the phones are properly configured, try running Wireshark on the workstation and make sure the phone is actually sending the spanned packets, and that the PC is able to receive them. If you are not receiving the packets, maybe try substituting one of the old PCs, and see if that is able to receive the packets.

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