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Most Skilled or Most Skilled by Order

I have multiple agents in multiple queues. I need to ensure that agents always get their primary queue calls before getting presented to the other lower queue calls.

I had Most Skilled set, but it seems it always sent the longest waiting between the skill set enabled on the agent.

Queues to Skills is one to one.

Skills to agent is one to many and different comp levels. The main queue has top comp while the rest have lower..

Please clarify the difference between these or am I off on what I'm trying to do..?

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Re: Most Skilled or Most Skilled by Order

You can do this with the SET PRIORITY function within the CRS Editor.

The higher the number, the higher the priority. Calls in the higher priority queue get answered first.




Re: Most Skilled or Most Skilled by Order

I do not want to set priority on calls before they enter queues.. I want to just depend on skills based routing. Each agent has a queue they must man primarly, but also man other queues when the primary queue is empty. Right now, I have skills set 10 8 6 4 depending on their primary skillset. What I'm seeing is this.

In queue 1, I have two calls waiting and the longest waiting contact is around 2:00 minutes, but in queue 2 have 4 contacts waiting with longest waiting contact is around 8:00 minutes. If the agent has skillset of queue1 comp level of 10 and skillset of queue2 comp level of 5, I figured the longest waiting contact in queue1 would always route to the first person available in that queue as long as the comp level is higher then the other queue skillset. What is happening is that when agent becomes available it is routing the longest waiting contact between both queues. For example the longest call in queue2 since is the longest waiting contact over queue1 being presented to the agent first.

I do not want that..

I hope that makes more sense to what I'm trying to do..

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Re: Most Skilled or Most Skilled by Order

We're accomplishing exactly what you are saying with the set priority function.


Queue1 is person 1's main queue they responsible for. They have a skill set of 10 here

Queue2 is person 1's queue they are a backup for. They have a skill set of 5.

If you don't set a priority on the call in queue1, they are considered the same priority level and longest available wins.

By using the SET priority command, you are saying that calls in queue1 have a higher priority than the calls in queue2.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're asking for :(



Re: Most Skilled or Most Skilled by Order


Robert is right, may be this will help:

Longest in queue will take priority over highest skill.

Consider this: Agent qualifies to take both calls in seperate queue's

1) waiting 10 seconds for sales - agent skill set at 7 for sales

2) waiting 5 seconds for support - agent skill set at 10 for sales

Agent will be presented 1st call or sales call.



Re: Most Skilled or Most Skilled by Order

Thats exactly what I'm seeing and currently looking for a way around it. I've got a TAC case open on this and its currently in the developers hands.

Thanks for your help.

Re: Most Skilled or Most Skilled by Order

I would be surprised if they give you a work around. That is the alogrithm used by many and seems built in. Be careful with TAC run arounds some times :)

Good luck and wish u happy workaround.


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