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Moving session/mapping information to second script

I'm trying to fix a script that was written for our company some time ago.  The problem I'm trying to fix is that when two callers hit the IVR at the same time, their caller ID information often times gets mixed up.  One agent will get the caller information for the other caller and another agent will get the caller information for the first one.  I have been informed the problem lies with the fact that there was no value provided for the mapping ID and that the data is not correctly being carried from the main script to the second script.  I've been able to fix the problem with the mapping ID not having a value, but I'm having still problems getting that and the session data to carry over to the second script.

I've attached a Word document with a few screenshots to better clarify what I'm doing.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.





EDIT: Correction.  My session information (callingNumber -although, it is incorrect- and calledNumber) is making it to the second script, but the mapping ID is not.

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Have you tried Mapping the

Have you tried Mapping the Session to the Calling Number..which is "static" makes for Extracting the Session..and any stored data in that session easier?

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I don't know if that has been

I don't know if that has been tried yet.  How would I go about doing it?

Well..besides using str

Well..besides using str_mediaID to create a new Session (in Script 1)..use the Calling Number (str_callerID) to create the Session (or even pull previous sessions if the caller was hung up on for some reason?)..Obviously if you use the CLID to map to a session...there shouldn't be a mix up when the caller gets to the agent..granted when it gets to Script 2 the CLID (which you will then use to Get Session) is the same as it was when it arrived in Script 1..

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Sorry, I tried what I thought

Sorry, I tried what I thought you were asking, but it's still not working.  I hate to ask this, but can you give more details on what you are asking me to do?

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The problem ended up being

The problem ended up being with the second script.  We added a "Get Call Contact Info" step after getting the session ID and specified the CallingNumber and CalledNumber.  That seemed to do the trick.

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