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Multiple CSQ's per agent

I'm using CRS 4.0(4). A customer wants the ability for agents to login to different CSQ's depending on the call volume. For example, AgentX logs into BillingCSQ and takes calls. Then, when SalesCSQ gets too busy, AgentX logs out of BillingCSQ and logs into SalesCSQ. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to do this? I would rather not have the administrator login to appadmin and add/remove agents to the CSQ.

One idea is to build 'dummy' agents and have agents log in and out as AgentX or AgentXDummy depending on which CSQ they wanted to be part of. Is this a viable option? Does anyone have a solution for this? Also - does anyone know if this feature is being considered in the future?



Re: Multiple CSQ's per agent

Seperate id's is your only option now. 5.x is due to have an interface where a supervisor can change the agent skill group.

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adignan - berbee

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Re: Multiple CSQ's per agent

One thing we did for this case was to assign a slightly different user name (e.g. John1 and John2) for the 2 different queues.

Then using this:

we set up 2 different services on the phones of whichever agents were going to "float".

Then with only a quick user intervention, logging out of one and back into the other queue, they can be easily switched to the higher volume queue and vice versa as needed.


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Re: Multiple CSQ's per agent

Couldn't you do this using overflows between CSQs using a couple of select resource steps (the 2nd under the 1st Q)?

CSQ1 (BillingCSQ)

CSQ2 (Sales CSQ)

Have the CSQs set in the script as parameters. In normal operation have both CSQs the same eg both Billing. If billing's getting busy the you can put sales into the overflowQ? You can put a delay between the CSQs aswell.

If you go this route you may want to have a dummy wallboard CSQ at the top for call contact stats?

This still requires logging onto AppAdmin, but may be another option.


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Re: Multiple CSQ's per agent

Has anyone seen an update for this with 7.0? Is there a way for an agent to log in and out of different CSQs selectively?

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Re: Multiple CSQ's per agent

No, agents cannot modify the queues they are in. If you want to do this you can:

A) Give the supervisor access to control this behavior within the administrative interface.

B) Configure the scripts to queue the caller into different or additional CSQs that contain additional agents after a threshold using the Get Reporting Statistics Step.

C) Give the user different login IDs.

I'm not sure why option "C" would ever be desired though. Typically this should be decided by management (option "A" or "B") to prevent agents from manipulating their work load in an unfair manor.

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