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Multiple languages on the same CSQ

Hello all,

First off IPCC express version 4.5 Premium

I have a group of agents that field calls from a salesCSQ half them

are English and the other is French. Since they are all skilled to

handle calls for this particular salesCSQ with the only difference

being the language the caller selected I was wondering how I can used

Skills based routing to present the caller to French or English only

agents for the salesCSQ. I don't want to create 2 new CSQ's example

salesFrenchCSQ and salesEnglishCSQ because I was hoping I can use

French or English as a global skill so that I can scale this outside

of the sales department. Note I'm simplifying the question above to

get to the point of my question. In reality our call center is made

up of many different CSQ's so adding a CSQ for English and one for

French for each department is not an option. What I was hoping I

could do is have the language selection as a global CSQ if this makes

sense at all.


Re: Multiple languages on the same CSQ

Hey Ryan,

The problem with IPCCX is that you can't queue a call to a skill (which then it is associated to a CSQ). In the script editor, the step used to queue a call (SELECT RESOURCE) only permit the queuing against a CSQ. So, no choice to created two CSQs for each department.

This is a very bad design from Cisco. This is not a "REAL" skill based routing.

I hope they'll address this problem someday.

Check this post for more info:

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