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Need help: UCCX BOM

Dear all,

This will be my first project for contact center, and I need to prepare a BOQ/BOM. Before I could proceed, I need to know what components are involved. The client is specifically asking a 25 seats contact center to handle 250,000 calls per year. After research a bit I have come to the following conclusion:

1- CallManager

2- CCX Application

3- Agent Desktop

4- Supervisor Desktop

5- What is IVR port licensing and how it works?

6- What's Quality Manager?

7- What is WIM/EIM?

8- Work Force Manager?

9- Standard, Enhanced and Premium licenses, what's the difference?

10- The same call manager cluster can be used for IP telephony as well?


Re: Need help: UCCX BOM

Hi syed,

1. For the license: it will be the maximum concurrent calls in your call center, maimum no. of working agents at the same time, but sure you will be able to configure more agents than this value, it will depend on your license.

2. WIM/EIM: Web interaction manager and Email interaction manager and these are 2 new features in UCCX 5.0 which help the call center to deal with the customer by sending arranged mails or let the customer to have a web interaction directly with the agent as to chat with someone.

3. Standard have only the basics: basic IVR, basic ACD & basic CTI

Enahnced will have advanced CTI and ACD features like skill configuration.

And the primuim one will have advanced IVR in addition to the enhanced.

4. for no. 10 : yes

Wish this be helpfull

Best Regards

Hytham Hadad

Re: Need help: UCCX BOM


Only for the IVR port license,

It is the max concurrent calls in your call center include calls in queues and like that,

But the maximum working agents in your call center = max seats license,

wish this be helpfull

VIP Super Bronze

Re: Need help: UCCX BOM

First to knock a big thing off of your list: Cisco has announced EoL on EIM/WIM with Contact Center Express. CCX 7.0 with Premium licensing introduces native email queuing through the aptly named Agent Email feature of CAD.

Second, you need to read the SRND document to get a better understanding of the CCX product, it's features, and the licensing model.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Solution Reference Network Design, Release 7.0:

Third, calls per year are irrelevant. What matters are calls during the Busy Hour. This is the busiest hour of the busiest day of the year. You need to use the IPC Resource Calculators to determine the quantity of ports and PSTN trunks needed:

Fourth, you must use the Configuration and Ordering tool to build the BoM. This is required for compliance with the A2Q process that Cisco dictates for contact center installs in an effort to minimize CAP cases.

Lastly to answer your remaining questions:

5) This is covered in the SRND. In Standard and Enhanced license models, this is only limited by the hardware platform you choose. In Premium licensing, you are allocated two IVR ports for each seat license you purchase. An IVR port is consumed while the caller is in treatment or in queue waiting for an agent. Essentially this is the time between when the CTI Port answers the call and when an agent actually accepts it (assuming the call will be given to an agent).

6) Quality manager provides more robust call and optionally screen recording of the agent. It also provides tools to score these calls for performance/coaching.

7) It provided email and customer-facing chat queuing capabilities along with integrated knowledgebase and various other capabilities. This has reached EoL within the Express product line though. Do not sell it.

8) Workforce Optimization is employee scheduling and forecasting as well as time off management. The idea is to ensure you have the correct quantity of agents on duty to meet the expected call volume. Your order will not be approved until at least one engineer has completed WFO training. Again, this is part of the A2Q process to make sure Cisco's product doesn't get a bad rap due to a bad install.

9) There are lots of them. What features/capabilities you get are dictated by the product edition. Please reference the SRND for details. There is no discount at this time when upgrading between versions so the customer would be wise to purchase the correct edition the first time.

10) Yes provided the UC Manager nodes have been sized correctly to support the BHCA and JTAPI loads imposed by UCCX.

There are several sizing tools available, one of them is the UC Manager Capacity Tool:

Also note that CCX is version-locked to specific versions of UC Manager. Reference the Software and Hardware Compatibility Guide should be referenced before placing an order:

Lastly, there is an ordering guide for Contact Center products. It may be of some use to you:

Re: Need help: UCCX BOM

Thanks for quick and comprehensive reply.

Another thing that I want to add, if in case, the call center is an outbound call center, does CCX support predictive dialer?

In the SRND Page 1-1, it says: "CCX 7.0 does not support expansion server for either non-high availability or high availability inbound deployments. High availability is supported only for the inbound voice option."

On page 1-2: it says: "Outbound voice does not support high availability but is deployed on the same servers as inbound voice."

Can any one elaborate?



VIP Super Bronze

Re: Need help: UCCX BOM

CCX has only a direct preview dialer at this time. I would encourage any customer who wants to see this added to mention it to their CAM. The CCBU seems to submit to the 'squeakiest wheel gets the grease' methodology.

As for HA: CCX runs in an active/standby two-server configuration. The HA feature only works on inbound calls. If either server goes offline, outbound campaign dialing stops. Obviously an agent can still make an outbound call manually from their IP phone.

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