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Need Help with emailing from UCCX Premium Script

I have the system creating a recorded file and emailing it but i have to use a filter and specify how long the recorded file will be then it goes through the rest of the script and sends the recorded file in email to the specified destination. What I want to happen is for the script to recognize when the person has recorded his message and actually hung up on the call and for the script to continue through and send what was recorded to the email recipient. Currently when the person records something and hangs up the script halts and does nothing if the didnt stay online for the time specified in the filter properties.


Re: Need Help with emailing from UCCX Premium Script


Sorry no one responded.

This can be resolved as a workflow rule with call hangup or call ending action. Please see the workflow, Event, rules and action in the Cisco Desktop Administrator.

To set up a work flow, you must configure the following three functions:

â– Event. An occurrence. Available events are startup, shutdown, ringing, answered, and dropped.

â– Rule. A data condition that must be met before an action is performed.

â– Action. An occurrence that happens when a rule is met.

When an event occurs, rules are evaluated. If a rule is met, an action takes place. For

instance, a work flow could be set up so that an incoming call from a specific phone

number is transferred to a specific agent:

â– The event is Answered;

â– The rule is that the incoming phone number is 612-555-3271;

â– The action is a blind transfer to agent Mary Jones.

The general procedure for setting up a work flow is:

1.Select the event that triggers the work flow.

2.Set up one or more rules to determine if the action(s) should be run, and determine whether the action runs if either any of the rule's data conditions are met, or if all the rule's data conditions are met.

3.Choose one or more actions to run when the event occurs and the rules are met. Actions run in the order in which they appear in the list.

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