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Need help with understading a report on IPCC reports

ok here goes.

I run the agenet summary report for my queue or individual agent and i get the following info.

max Handle time - 5:31:22

max talk time - 5:08:58

max Work Time - 00:7:31

max Idle time - 1:00:35

What does idle time consist of? I know that talk, work, hold, and idle equals handle time but i cannot figure out what idle time means.

Now I also run this report Agent State Summary report and I get some different results.

Not Ready Time - 1:56:43

Ready Time - 1:22:51

reserved Time - 00:11:09

talk Time - 5:16:58

Work Time - 00:15:03

Total login - 9:02:04

I know that NRT, Ready, reserved, Talk and work = total logged in time. Also Total talk time should be the same as max handle time but it is of by 15 +/- mins. I also thought the Max Idle item would equal Not Ready Time but the times do not match.

I really would like to know what the Max idle time consist of. if someone has an insight on how these two reports are calculated please let me know.

Thanks for your time


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Re: Need help with understading a report on IPCC reports

From this doc:

IDLE time - amount of time that an agent spent in Not Ready state.

Max times are maximum longest times for any one call, so this is not an aggregate and you can not expect this to match aggregate timers.

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