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Need to failover UCCX

I have a UCCX server that I am unable to log into.  It seems to be processing calls properly, but I just can't log in, so I need to bounce the server.  My question is how seamless is the failover?  Will my agents notice an interruption?  Will calls in progress stay active?  What about the calls in the queue?

I would like to reboot this server sooner rather than later, but I guess I could wait if it is going to adversly affect call processing.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Need to failover UCCX

Stop the node manager on the active server, that will be your quickest failure (that I know of).

And you will drop all calls, forced failover or not, which are connected to a CTI port.

Anthony Holloway

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Re: Need to failover UCCX

Thanks for the resonse.

Do I stop the node manager though the control center on the web admin page, or do I have to RDP to the server and access it under "services"?  If I have to change it via "services", then the only way I'll be able to fail over is with a power off of the server since I can't log into it.  If I use the control center on the web admin page, which service should I stop.  Several of them have node manager.

I understand that calls that are using a cti port would get dropped.  What about the agents?   Will the agents need to log back into CAD when the failover occurs or will they automatically switch to the other server?

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