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Network Transfer Prefered / Warm Transfer


  I am facing something I must have faced before but I guess I haven't seen this behavior.

What we have is a Warm Transfer Route Point on CUCM (2317125).  on the CUCM PG network transfer prefered is on.  I noticed through some testing that when this Route Point is called and it eventually goes to a skill group, the calls ALWAYS go over the CVP Routing Client, not over the CUCM PG with the CUCM label.

Through some testing I can skip the Send to VRU, set Network Transfer Enabled to 0 and send it direct to a skill group and it transfered over the CUCM PG like I would expect.

Is there a way to make ICM always try and agent transfer over the originating routing client first?  It seems like an improper call flow to invoke a script over a CUCM Route Point and then handle the agent transfer by sending it all thw way back through CVP and back into CUCM...

Any ideas?


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