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New UCCX-Server Tool for Client Configuration


We use until today a UCCX-Server  (Version as standalone, now we have set up a new server as Subscriber , until now everything is ok and it works fine.

Now I have a question , we have round about 70 Agents  which use UCCX  daily , so could be happened that they get a problem with the Agents (login or Logout or ….) if I start CCX-Tool for client configuration  because we have now 2 UCCX-Server ?

I have read a Manuel in internet about this  but I am now sure if it is true.

Thanks for an answer

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New UCCX-Server Tool for Client Configuration


I think that you might be thinking of the postinstall.exe tool.

It is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco\Desktop\bin and allows you to update the IP addresses of the UCCX servers that the clients attach to.


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New UCCX-Server Tool for Client Configuration

Hi James,

Thanks for your Answer.

Yes it is postinstall.exe which i think.

Is it enough if I extend the IP Address of the new server (Publisher) or shall I download the new Client Configuration Tool and Cisco Agent and rollout it?

Best regards


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New UCCX-Server Tool for Client Configuration


so, by a standalone system, after Client Configuration Tool runs, the CAD-installer is able to contact only the first CCX node.

After attaching second node in the UCCX environment, Client Configuration Tools should be executed again, to populate also the ip address of the second node in the CAD-installer.

Please check the UCCX Installation Guide for Cisco recommendation:

Please check page 69 in the pdf.

Changing trough postinstall.exe could be also an workaround, but is this solution really TAC-supported?

My question in this case would be:

What happens, when Client Configuration Tool is executed again after installing a second UCCX node and previously installed CAD-client (only capable to contact the first UCCX node) is started again? CAD-should check for updates in this case...

Here could be necessary that CAD installs updates. What happens when the user runnung CAD has no admin capability? Can this be an interruption and not more possible to start the CAD software?

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