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No call arrived - Dtaborts=1 / Agent Forced to Not ready state

Hello all !!! I am reaching out to everyone for help !!! I am experiencing Dtaborts errors and agents are being forced to not ready state, I have been working with TAC on this issue for about a month now but have not made any progress. Any help will be highly appreciated !!!

I am running a duplexed IPCC enterprise 6.0 sr2 environment with side A and side B located at separate locations and connected over a DS3 WAN link. I am using CAD 6.0 and IPIVR 3.5.1 and CCM 4.0.2a

Please share your experience if you have ran into this issue before !!!!

Thanks very much in advance !!!


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Re: No call arrived - Dtaborts=1 / Agent Forced to Not ready sta

There are several defects addressed in later ICM releases that you could be seeing. If you have callflows where the IPIVR ultimately redirects the call, the ICM may not be getting the disconnect and attempts to route the call to an agent at some point. Ultimately this is a phantom, the call has already been transferred, however the end result could be Dtaborts. The ICM still believes the physical call requires a transfer to an agent. There are also issues related to enabling Target Requery within the ICM scripts. Target Requery is only used for CVP not IVR and can result in the same Dtabort behavior with RONA calls. The SR you currently have installed is quite old and due to the number of fixes available it is recommended that you take a look at a later software release, perhaps SR8 or later.

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Re: No call arrived - Dtaborts=1 / Agent Forced to Not ready sta

Hello Jon, thank you very much for your response !! one thing that I noticed is that when the PIMs are active on PG1B the level of errors is like triple, do you have any ideas why ? Can you tell me how or where to check for Target Requery within ICM scripts ?

I appreciate your help !!!


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