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not able to hear audio from cvp vxml gateway

Hi All,

We have a new IVR built using call studio and we are using ucce 8.0 and cvp 8.0

Brief setup is as follows:

Location1 CUBE-->SIP Gateway-->MPLS-->Location2 CUBE-->Call server-->ICM-->Call server-->VXML Gateway-->stream ivr rtp from vxml gateway to caller.


When we dial from location1, call is answered, we wont hear any audio but if we press any dtmf input it is routing properly to respective call taking agents and also we can call duration ticking on phone display.


From location2 CUBE if we are translating and routing to call manager and answering on a phone, we are able to hear 2 way audio but it is not the case from ivr is played from vxml gateway.


And the same call studio appliaction works perfectly fine when we are dialling from location3 through another DID pointed to same script.

any suggestions will be very helpful.

Thank you

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New Member

Hi All,We worked with cisco

Hi All,

We worked with cisco TAC, and finally identified it is codec issue.

when we are setting codec g711 on location1 CUBE dial-peer, its working fine.


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