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Not Ready Notification


I've had one of the managers of a group that uses IPCCX come to me and ask if there is anyway I can present a notification to the agents that they've been "Not Ready" for a certain amount of time. We just upgraded to CCX 7.0.1SR2 and I was playing around with the workflow editor and noticed that there was a "Delay Action" option and a "Notify Agent" option. I set a not ready flow that delays for 5 minutes and then pop's up a notification. It worked great until one of the agents started up their software and waited at the Connecting to the IPCC Express Server for 5 minutes, got the pop-up, then a couple minutes later the software started. This wasn't exactly what I intended when I created that option. I was so close to getting what was asked and I've seen others need the same kind of option. Anyone else have any ides?


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Re: Not Ready Notification

Unfortuantely not a solution but another voice added to this request! I too have been trying to come up with a way of notifying the agent or a supervisor if their state has been Not Ready for a length of time, but so far have not managed to think of anything.

Anyone managed to come up with something?

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Re: Not Ready Notification

You could write an independent program that uses the real time reporting database tables normally used by wallboard applications to retrieve the data. From there you could notify the agent through any number of methods. An instant message using the CUPS API comes to mind, or an email.

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