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Notify agent of an incoming call

I am looking for a way to have a message sent to an agent when a call enters a queue even if the agent is on a call.

I would like to pass the callinging number so the agent can see if there is a priority caller waiting in the queue.  Sending an email has been rejected by management.  I am running UCCX 7.0(1) premium and moving to 8 soon.

Is there a way to pop up a window in the agent desktop browser, or chat window, or any other ideas?



Re: Notify agent of an incoming call

which agent? you make it sound like there is just one agent.

If you have N agents in a skill group and a Q calls in queue, do you want to notify all agents that a high-priority call has now entered the queue and is at the top. What difference would it make to these agents - what else would they do? Would they cut short their current call?

OK, say the contact center is not that busy - all agents are on calls but there is no one in the queue. The high priority caller enters the queue - same situation though. What action should the agents take to get the high-priority call?

If agents are available, it's a non issue.

If some agent are not ready, but all other agents are busy, then certainly the not ready agents should be targets for the message, as these guys can do something about the high priority call - they can go ready.

As long as the priority caller is queued with priority, they will be answered before others, and I can't quite see what the notification would do to speed up the process.

As far as a method of notification - would a wall board work?



Re: Notify agent of an incoming call

Wish I had a buck for everytime I've heard a request like this.  In every case where I've heard it in the past, the call center was small, undermanned, and they were trying to overcome these two limitations by trying to (1) see identifying info on calls in the queue, (2) send messages to agents, (3) set off a light and buzzer, etc.

Agents don't have the ability to see anything but the call they are working on using any of the agent interfaces.  The supervisor desktop has some additional options where you can set a workflow action to alert when certain criteria are met.  If the priority queue alerts when > 0, that might satisify your requirement, but it would NOT tell you WHO the priority caller is.

Then you have the issue that the agents are all busy, and someone has to dump the call they are working with to take the call in the queue.  Again, there are options to handle this, but you're putting bandaids on a problem.  The bandaids may work with varying degress of success, but it's likely that your organization will never be very happy with how it works.  The real issue you have is most likely a staffing and process problem, and you can only do so much to compensate for that with technology.