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Nuance - CCX - cant find XML for Grammar


I have an Issue with CCX and Nuance where the XML that should contains the name of people is wrong, seems to be not correct.

In the old UCCX ( windows ) I was actualy able to edit the XML to play with this file, I was able to upload this file by myself in the uccx and manually add some users.

Today with the new UCCX 8.X  I got this in the logs ( see bellow ) and If I run the URL in the logs, It return a XML file but It really doesnt contain the list of the people, the file is weird.

Also, I have no Idea where it actually reside on the server, I cant find it in the Web Grammar section of UCCX.

If I can find this file I can probably modify It and put my old config in it, but... no idea where it is located..

anyone have a suggestion ?

10,1e001eac_00001018_522e11fa_4e39_0000,LOG,STATUS,0,2013/09/09 14:22:55.552,ctelpti006,recserver,2256,COMPILER,AppOutput,152,In <,fr-CA/UserNuance.grxml?accept=application%2Fgrammar%2Bxml>, <user/NameGrammarNuance> failed: couldn't load


Nuance - CCX - cant find XML for Grammar


where was that file originally?


Nuance - CCX - cant find XML for Grammar

I cant have access to the system but from what I remember, in the UCCX Windows it was on the Grammar folder that you can access from the web portion of uccx.  And we were able to modify that

Nuance - CCX - cant find XML for Grammar

Right. So you kept the file outside of the Document repository?

Re: Nuance - CCX - cant find XML for Grammar

From what I know, here is how it work, also I add more description :

Scenario :

When we call the UCCX, the Menu/AA will ask to speak the name of the person you would like to reach. ( Voice recognition )

1- CCX get the name and upload it in .WAV file to Nuance.

2- At the same time CCX will upload the grammar file to nuance. (The grammar file that contains the list of users in a xml format.  )

Nuance is suppose to download this Grammar file and also the .wav.

With our old UCCX (windows ) it was working just fine. The problem is with the new..

Since we did a backup and restore to uccx 8.5, the Nuance can't find the name of the user because Nuance get the wrong XML.

Within the logs It seems that the Grammar file that is send is not the right one, We can double click to view the grammar and it doesnt contain any name.

So I have different choice to fix this.

1 ) Figure out how to send another grammar file to nuance

2 ) Figure out where is the grammar file that is sent right now and modify it ( from the log we see the grammar file but if we click on the url the file doesnt contain name and I have no idea where it is located in UCCX )


New Member

Re: Nuance - CCX - cant find XML for Grammar

Good afternoon:,fr-CA/UserNuance.grxml?accept=application%2Fgrammar%2Bxml

It is looking for a grammar file that should be uploaded into your gramar repository, for the language Fr-CA.  So when you go into your grammar repository, there should be a Fr-CA directory, and then the UserNuance.grxml file under that directory.  If there is not, create that directory, and upload your grammar file there.

You should be able to use that URL from your PC and browser and it should return the XML grammar file when you call it.  You just need the first part, so try:,fr-CA/UserNuance.grxml

Once you get that in place, it should work for you.  What version of Nuance?  Generally you should be using OSR 3.x instead of Nuance in the TTS settings of UCCx 8.5 or newer.

Good luck,

Daniel Wier

Re: Nuance - CCX - cant find XML for Grammar

Hi guys,

We allready try that but nothing ..

A reboot coud be a good possibility I guess..

New Member

Re: Nuance - CCX - cant find XML for Grammar

What does your recognition step look like?  Can you post a screenshot of the properties in the this thread.  There are some changes that need to be made from 7.x to 8.x UCCx.   The other thing I was going to mention is the SGrammar part of that URL.  I am not 100% sure because I am not looking at my own logs right now, but I am pretty sure that is the System Grammar directory, which you do not have access to and where it pulls the other main grammar files from.   You need to get it to request files from the user grammar directories.

Make sense? 

I will continue to try to help you on this.


Re: Nuance - CCX - cant find XML for Grammar

I dont have an access to the server and script right now but I will try to get you that.

thanks a lot !!

Do you have more information about what is different between 7.x and 8.x, regarding the changes?

New Member

I know this is 3 years old,

I know this is 3 years old, but for those who come along later they failed to get to this file because it is a SYSTEM Grammar and not a user grammar. You can tell by the use of SGrammars after the 9080 in the url. Since 8.0 those are all locked away from editing. 

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