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Number of rings of CAD agents

Hi all,

When there is incoming call from PSTN to CAD agent, how many number of ring that agent experience? Can we configure that number? Where do we configure it, in CM or CCX?


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Re: Number of rings of CAD agents


You configure this as part of the UCCX script. The 'select resource' step is used to route a call to an agent, and a parameter on it is set ("Timeout") to a number of seconds. Commonly this is 10 or 15 seconds, which equates to around 3 rings depending on your tones.



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Re: Number of rings of CAD agents

there are configurations in both the cucm and uccx that can control ring cycles. In cucm, you can modify the number of seconds that a line will ring at a system level or individually on each line. Go to a line config and look for the forward no answer timeout parameter. It is located in the call forwarding section of the line configuration. Increasing the timer increases the ring cycles. IIRC a ring cycle in the US is 5 seconds.

Now in CCX, when the call is extended to an agent you can control how long the call waits for the agent to answer. you do this in the CRS script. look at your resource selection steps. The answer timeout parameter is what you are looking for. The value is in seconds.

When modifying these parameters make sure that the CRS param is less than the cucm value for the agent line. Also, note that you don't need to worry about modifying the cucm param if you do not have a CFNA destination (or vm flag) enabled.




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