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New Member

OB Dialer questions

Hi Guys,

             We are having a typical OB 7.5 UCCE setup with CCM 7.1 and IVR in place.MGCP used as protocol.The customer does an predictive,preview dialing.They are multi site setup spread across many parts falling in diffrent time zones.There are 2 request which has come in and need to know if it can be achieved.

1 They want to play a message on any outbound calling to the caller before the call gets connected to agents.Something like this"Your call maybe recorded for monitoring purpose".Just to also share this piece of information that we have enabled the no ringback on dialing like mentioned in the document

which was a trouble maker for some time.

2 Like i have mentioned the dialing is spread across many timezones and the dialer list what we receive has records carrying phone1 in a perticular timezone,phone02 in nother timezone.However the dialer dials based on the timezone it resides(PST now).So records for EST are delayed,can we programme it in a way to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.......

Ganesh R


Re: OB Dialer questions

Hi Ganesh

Didn't quite understand your first problem.

Do you mean to say you still have the ringback issue when the call is being transferred to Agent?

For the 2nd problem, Dialer is not aware of phone1 and phone2 and their timezone. It's the campaignmanager who decides which records will be sent to Dialer. Now in this particular issue, are you saying the EST numbers aren't dialed untill PST start? Have you check the time on the Query secion of the Campaign?

Please include the screen shot of the outbound dialer config pages?

Thank you

- abu


Re: OB Dialer questions

Hi Ganesh,

For your first question. 2 ways you could maybe do it you could setup the campaign as a transfer to IVR campaign which then transfers the call to another route point after playing the message which queues the call but this could blow out your queues and isn't that nice. The other option would be to setup an agent workflow in CAD (if you are using CAD) to do a single step conference to an IVR app which plays the announcement then hangs up when the dialer call comes in although this is tricky as the reservation call comes in first and then the customer call gets connected but from a CAD perspective they look like 2 different calls and the BA data can sometimes come in after the call has passed the ringing event which is what you would want to setup your workflow group to try trigger on.

As for your 2nd question, as it mentions in the outbound guide, you should be able to use regions to do dialling across multiple timezones. As long as you setup your regions and region prefixes, campaign manager will only send numbers when they are in the valid dialing time as per the call target hours under the campaign and based on the timezone of the region based on the prefix matched with the phone number.



New Member

Re: OB Dialer questions

Thanks Guys.Well for the first one mentioned i have tried with an transfer to ivr campaign for to achieve this.I could play an announcement and then transfer it to an agent.However the problem with this one is the router then considers this call as an inbound and all the information populated on the agent desktop are inbound value(no OB data).Nathan  we are running on Ctios here and have no CAD.

For the second problem i will have a look.

Coming to the second problem how do i populate all the campaign information onto the agent desktop if i had to make it work in a way desired.Any db integeration will make this work.


Ganesh R


Re: OB Dialer questions

If the BAAccountNumber is a key to another database table that holds the customer info, client side integration (DB Lookup in a custom CTIOS desktop) is the only way to do it.