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On hold notification...

A customer has requested the following... He wants his supervisors to be notified visibly or audibly (somehow) when a call has been on hold for more than 20 minutes. Any tips on the best way to achieve this goal?




Re: On hold notification...

Well, you could have some flasher on an ATA next to his desk. And when it on hold for more then 20 minutes, have it ring that number then suck back into the queue when no one answers!.



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Re: On hold notification...

There are a few options here.

1) Make it send an email off at a specific time to a user. We set this contact up as a parameter to make it easy to change. Also setup a group in our email system so it would get sent to a group of users.

2) Modify the free wallboard found in these forums to display calls based off of specific options (such as longest wait, # in queue, etc...)

3) Instead of the Call hold--delay--call unhold parts of the script, replace it with Call Consult Transfer to an analog flasher (or a huntgroup with a group of them).

-If an agent picks up the call while it's flashing, it stops immeditatly. (picked up as a normal agent call)

-You can buy an analog flasher from Radio shack. They have one that has a flasher, and a ringer sound (selectable to flasher, ringer, or flasher and ringer)

-The caller hears hold music the entire time.

-We set the analog port (or HG) to have a really high reversion time so we would never hit it. No one should EVER pick up this line.

-The variable we use for the delay command is the same variable we used for the timeout on the call consult tranfer

-We set the busy trigger to be 1 one the analog port.

-We have a counter going through the script.

-Logic is:

--If counter > X then


------Call Consult Tranfer



----------Goto Call Hold


----------Goto Call Hold



----------Goto Call Hold


------Call Hold: (Label)

------Call Hold

------Delay QueueHold

------Call Unhold

For us, we have queue hold to 20 seconds before we play a menu. We start ringing the flasher after 20 seconds, so X for us is 1. For 20 minutes, just need to do the math to figure out how many loops. We try to stay away from "Get Reporting Statistics" as we were told doing it alot spikes the CPU.

Hope that helps!



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Re: On hold notification...

Great ideas. I'm pretty sure this is going to work. Hopefully I will be able to test it out this week. Thanks!


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