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One agent answering two seperate queues

Am needing to have one IPCC Enh (v 4.0) CAD (v 6.1[5]) be able to handle calls from two Qs. Each Q will be associated to a sepereate line on agents phone (7940s). Presently does not allow two CADs to run at same time on one workstation. How and can this be accomplished?


Re: One agent answering two seperate queues

Agents can only have one extension under CUCX. They also can only be logged in once on the PC they are working on. They can answer calls from separate queues, but the way I would suggest doing it is having just the one agent log in once. Have that agent be a member of both queues. On the CAD when a call is coming in, it will show them which queue they are receiving the call from which is what I assume you are trying to accomplish.

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Re: One agent answering two seperate queues

Hi, I am also working on the original poster's network.

Unfortunately those limitations you speak of are exactly what directed us here. One final requirement of the system is that agents will know by the distinctive ring of which extension is ringing how to answer the phone calls, either company a, or company b.

I am exploring other ways to achieve one agent = two extensions, such as hard-coding the final DN into the .aes script for the application.

Do you have any reason to believe that would be an implausible approach? (perhaps using non-system references in the code may break other aspects of the CRS engine function such as silent monitoring or historical reporting?)

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