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Option to leave a VM while queueing

Is this possible? How can I setup a script so that when a customer wants to leave a voicemail message, he just needs to press 1 at any time he wants while waiting in the queue.

See attached Test Script

In my script, if I want to leave a VM, I have to wait until I get to the "Get Digit String" step then press 1. However, once it passes this step, pressing one won't get me to the voicemail. I have to continue to wait until it gets back to that step again. What I really want is that I want, at any time, if I press 1, just get me straight to the voicemail. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Option to leave a VM while queueing

Not sure if this would work but you could try uploading your moh wav file as a prompt (will have to manually splice in every X seconds the voicemail prompt into the moh file) and just using that entire file as the prompt for your get digit step, set a timeout of 0 seconds for the get digit so if it hits the end of the file it doesn't have 3 seconds of silence while waiting for additional input. Make sure you set the Get Digit String to interruptible.

  • LABEL QueueLoop:
  • Get Digit String ( longMOHfile )
    • Success
      • Dequeue
      • Redirect to Voicemail
    • Timeout
    • Unsuccessful
  • Go to QueueLoop

Not entirely sure if that will work but give it a go.



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Re: Option to leave a VM while queueing

Sounds like a good idea. Sure I will give it a shot and will let you know if that works or not. Thanks.

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Re: Option to leave a VM while queueing

Hey, it worked. What I did was that I chopped my MOH into small pieces and used the Create Container step to stack then up together with my other prompts. It's a pain but I'm glad that it finally works the way I wanted. Thanks for your great suggestion Nathan.

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