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Orig. DN showing Voice Mail port, not ANI

We're running IPCC Express 3.5.

Most of our Historical Reports entries show the Orig. DN of the voice mail port calling the JTAPI Trigger and not the original ANI of the caller. Most of our calls into the IPCC system go through our Unity Call Handler. Is there a way to get the original ANI information in the Historical Report? See the attached screen shot of the report.


Re: Orig. DN showing Voice Mail port, not ANI

In the script, for the CallRedirect step which you are using for transferring to the VM Port, open the properties. You should see the option called Reset CTI Called Address. Toggle that switch. If it set to No, set that to Yes Or viceversa. That should fix it.

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Re: Orig. DN showing Voice Mail port, not ANI

These calls are coming from the Voice Mail system, not transfering to the system. The call flow is:

800 # -> Unity (Opening Greeting Call Handler) -> Select 2 for Product Support -> Release to Switch transfer to CTI Route Point.

The calls gets transfered from Unity to IPCC Express, but the Orig. DN is getting changed from the original ANI to the DN of the Voice Mail port (1100 through 1131). Hope this information helps. Thanks.

Re: Orig. DN showing Voice Mail port, not ANI

You might want to post this to the IP Telephony forum. There they discuss Unity. It doesn't look like it is a problem with IPCCX because IPCCX is not changing the ANI. I would still advise you to try one option in the script in IPCC Express. There is a Get Call Contact Info node. See if you have any option for Original Calling Line ID / caller ID. Normally you can get the original DNis there but most probably the caller ID is not there since it is being transformed by Unity.

Check Unity to see if there is some external phone number being masked. There is probably some option there or might possibly be in the CM too. I don't want to advise you on chaning the mask on the VM port since that might break your unity.

Good luck

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