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OUTBOUND: AccountNumber Type Issue

One of my customer is having issue with Outbound dialer . When ever AccountNumber is set more than 8 digits dialer stops dialing the customer numbers . after troubleshooting I found that AccountNumber type by default is Char where as in different outbound guides it is mentioned Varchar & I have even checked with other customers they all have AccountNumber type VARCHAR. (AccountNumber is a built-in Field in import rule explorer)

I think it is some sort of a bug & because of this dialer is behaving abnormal.

can anyone please help me out

version used is ICM 7.2.1


Re: OUTBOUND: AccountNumber Type Issue

If you think it's a bug and it sounds like it probably is, you should open a TAC case.  When dealing with possible bugs going through TAC who will search their bug database or reach out to the DE is the fastest way.


Re: OUTBOUND: AccountNumber Type Issue

Issue solved , new information I found that in ICM version 7.2.1 to icm 7.2.4 AccountNumber type is Char & in ICM 7.5 AccountNumber type is Varchar.

How the problem solved we restarted the dialer & recreated the definitions again there was also issue with DNS server it was also fixed after that its working fine.

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