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Outbound Campaign Priority

Is there a way to prioritize Campaign A over Campaign B? I want A to run first until all the records are gone and then B to start. I know I can set up 1 Campaign and then have a Query Rule for each but the issue I have with that is the agents need to know if it is Campaign A or B and since they are using Preview Mode the only way for them to know which Campaign is to pass the Campaign name into CAD, unless there is a way to pass the Query Rule name that I haven't figured out? Any ideas? It's ICM 6.0 environment.

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Re: Outbound Campaign Priority

I would like to know too. I think it's not possible to give different priorities to campaigns A and B with ICM 6 or 7 enviroment.

Re: Outbound Campaign Priority

There is no way to chain campaigns together out of the box. If the only concern is the agent needs to know which campaign is running, I would suggest using the query rule method and stuffing the query rule name into the AccountNumber, FirstName, or LastNames fields. You could then parse the value out and assign this to a custom ecc or peripheral variable that could be displayed for the agent.

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Re: Outbound Campaign Priority

I don't know if this could really work with Cisco, but it's maybe possible to load all lists to *same* Campaign A and then manipulate dialing list columns CallResult, CallResult01, CallStatusZone1, CallStatusZone2, and so on, directly by using sql query.

Then campaign A could contain different "sub-campaigns" A1, A2, A3 ..... extra detals would be of course stored to external database (using "AccountNumber" as a key)

Same way rows can be deleted from Campaign A if needed... just SQL command "DELETE something where" to the correct dialing list table... at least that seems to work without problems.

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